A New Level of resistance film to expose risks of Roundup in food.

A New Level of resistance film to expose risks of Roundup in food, water and all over It’s been in continuous and raising use for a lot more than 50 years buy generic viagra online . But glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, isn’t at all secure for human beings. And a fresh film project known as A New Resistance seeks to create this truth known on a broad scale, warning the public that deadly chemical is currently present in water, soil, food and air, and is slowly killing us all. Since 1974, standard farmers have already been dousing their crops with what these were told is a completely safe, broad-spectrum weedkiller. This weedkiller has since become the true number one selling herbicide in the world, but an evergrowing body of independent science shows that it is destroying human wellness now, promoting obesity, infertility, cancers, irritable bowel syndrome, dementia and autism.

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