A MRSA Survivors Network event.

CST – World MRSA Day Live Broadcast Finally, to bring attention to the global financial, health and emotional impact of MRSA, 3M will collaborate with the MRSA Survivor’s Network to greatly help sponsor its 2nd annual World MRSA Day. The entire day time will feature MRSA screening and an awards system, honoring healthcare providers and public figures because of their efforts in bringing focus on the issue. To help make the events accessible to professionals and individuals across the country, 3M shall sponsor the live Web cast of the ceremony, that exist at To find out more on World MRSA Day time, please visit: ‘Through our partnership with the MRSA Survivor’s Network, we are bringing critical awareness to a problem that hospitals are fighting every day, and which will take an incredible toll on individuals,’ stated Cheryl Pederson, BS, RN, 3M Infection Prevention Education Manager.‘We now have geneticists, pediatricians and ethicists all in consensus about what are the best guidelines for genetic screening and screening of children,’ said pediatrician Lainie Ross, MD, PhD, Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum professor and associate director at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago. Ross is the lead author of the policy declaration, released by AAP, and the companion technical paper, published by the ACMG. The new guidelines were released on Feb.