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Jonathan Drezner, contributing author, Team Physician for the University of Washington and the Seattle Seahawks and current president of the AMSSM Panel of Directors, mentioned, ‘There is increased awareness and visibility for sports-related concussion in sportsmen of all ages. This statement offers a scientific framework for the management and evaluation of concussion. Sports medicine physicians are positioned to help patients, parents, and instructors understand and achieve a safe return to play.’..Once babies can lift up their heads, they’ll push up using their arms and arch their back again to lift up the chest. These movements help strengthen the upper body and so are in preparation for sitting up. They may rock while on the stomachs also, kick their hip and legs, and swim with their hands. These movements are necessary for rolling over and crawling. By the final end of this period, babies will be able to roll over from belly to back again and back to stomach and most likely have the ability to sit without the support. By age 4 months, babies can simply bring toys to their mouth. They use their thumb and fingers in a claw-like grip to get objects. Because at this age babies will explore items by putting them within their mouths instinctively, it is necessary to keep small items out of reach to prevent accidental swallowing.