84 percent of sunscreen items are harmful to wellness.

As NaturalNews readers have known for quite a long time, sunscreen products certainly are a hoax, plus they actually cause cancer rather than preventing it. The more consumers make use of sunscreen products, the higher their potential for someday being identified as having cancer. Component of this is because of sunscreen’s effect of blocking ultraviolet radiation , which generates the powerful anti-cancer nutrient Vitamin D in human skin. Vitamin D is quite simply the world’s best anti-cancer medicine, and recent studies show that it could prevent almost four out of five cancers in females . Just click here to learn NaturalNews articles on Supplement D. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Working Group, sadly, still does not recognize the healing power of Supplement D and proceeds to advise that people avoid sunlight.We are thrilled to become listed on forces with Abbott to provide this much-anticipated technology to advertise, stated Reza Zadno, founder, President and CEO of Visiogen, Inc. The global clinical results with Synchrony are extremely encouraging, and the chance to leverage Abbott Medical Optics’ intensive commercialization infrastructure means that many more patients will benefit from this fascinating advancement in cataract and presbyopia correction. Visiogen’s accommodating IOL, known as Synchrony, is made to deliver improved eyesight at all distances, possibly eliminating the need for contacts or glasses, reducing glare and nighttime halos, and improving contrast sensitivity.