65-year-aged California milk man put through extreme torture.

NaturalNews does not have any monetary ties to James Stewart nor Rawesome Foods and has been the leading way to obtain free press info covering this story. The mainstream media up to now won’t cover this whole tale, probably out of monetary loyalty to the conventional dairy sector which stands to lose tens of huge amount of money if raw milk is permitted to end up being openly and legally offered. Assistance efforts for James Stewart and Sharon Palmer, the other person arrested in this full case, could be emailed to: More details to be revealed on national radio SundayMike Adams will be discussing this problem on live national radio, Sunday at 1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific, on the Robert Scott Bell Show.It is also found outside the body and in the shellfish and the fungi especially. The lipid is a good lubricant for the bones and assist in the motion of your body. The Glucosamine has another essential feature and that is it is generally employed by the body in the form of the fix of the deterioration of the cartilage. With the ages the natural Glucosamine in the physical body dries up. The bones become stiff and your body looses the ability. With the drying up of the Glucosamine the body has lost the mobility. The bones aren’t lubricated and the marrow isn’t kept wet and therefore the bones strike against one another and the cartilage cannot restoration the wear and tear. This is actually the arthritis.