4 levels of liver cancer The 4 Phases Of Liver Disease The 4 Phases Of Liver Disease are Swelling.

When liver offers been damaged because of fibrosis and inflammation, it generally does not function properly. Accumulation of scar tissues blocks blood flow through the liver, preventing it from working normally. Some of the symptoms of end stage cirrhosis are edema, bleeding and bruising, jaundice, gallstones, and a rise of poisons in the blood, enlarged arteries, and diabetes. Stage four Cancer If liver disease is not treated in the earlier three stages, cancer may develop. Liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma, affects approximately 4 percent of patients with cirrhosis. A liver transplant is among the options for treating liver cancer. Inflammation, Fibrosis,Cirrhosis,Cancer are the four stages of Liver Disease..Many barriers currently prevent physicians and individuals from engaging in optimal advanced cancers care planning. Oncologists recognize the importance of palliative therapy and additional standard of living measures in advanced cancers, but physician education and training programs have provided little guidance in this area historically, stated ASCO CEO Allen S. Lichter, MD. Most general public and private insurance plans provide little if any compensation for discussions with patients about palliative care choices, despite their demonstrated value.g., hospice) without requiring patients to abandon cancer-focused treatment. . To help guide sufferers through difficult yet essential doctor-patient discussions, ASCO includes a free extensive educational booklet for patients with advanced cancer.