253 sufferers entered the open-label expansion.

AVANIR Pharmaceuticals presents Phase III trial data of Zenvia for PBA at AAN Annual Meeting AVANIR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The data were offered in two posters at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Getting together with in Toronto, Canada sildenafil citrate . ‘The brand new lower dose formulations of Zenvia possess taken care of statistically significant and clinically meaningful efficacy while offering an improved safety and tolerability profile relative to the original higher dosage formulation. We plan to file our full response with the FDA within the next few weeks and anticipate an authorization decision on the PBA program before the end of this year.’ POSTER HIGHLIGHTS: SAFETY AND TOLERABILITY – OPEN-LABEL Expansion In PBA individuals treated for 24 weeks Zenvia 30/10 mg was generally safe and well-tolerated On view label extension of the Superstar trial, no new protection concerns emerged SAFETY AND TOLERABILITY OF ZENVIA IN Open up LABEL STUDY Of the 283 sufferers completing the 12-week double-blind phase of the Celebrity trial, 253 sufferers entered the open-label expansion; 94 who received Zenvia 30/10 mg originally, 76 who received Zenvia 20/10 mg and 83 who originally received placebo originally.