200-lb third grader put into foster care: Why?

Arthur Caplan, a professor of bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, told the Simple Dealer. But the federal government cannot raise these children. A third of kids are unwanted fat. We aren’t going to move all of them to foster treatment. We can not afford it, and I’m not sure there are more than enough foster parents to accomplish it. What do you think? Should obese children be taken away from their own families?. 200-lb third grader put into foster care: Why? Childhood obesity is definitely in the spotlight, as a 200-pound third grader from Ohio has been extracted from his family and placed into foster care. Photos: Oops! 8 ways parents make kids fat A county spokeswoman cited medical neglect for the reason the eight-year-old was removed from his Cleveland home.‘This is very important stuff,’ said Dr. Robert Vogel, a cardiologist at the University of Colorado, Denver, who wrote a commentary accompanying the published study. ‘If you alternative high-quality carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, then lives are saved. It’s that easy.’ ‘Folks don’t simply spontaneously drop a few hundred calorie consumption of saturated fat away of their diet plans without replacing them with something else,’ explained study first co-author Adela Hruby, a research fellow at Harvard T.H.