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The California Public Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees on Wednesday voted 11-1 to maintain current health benefits in 2007 for its 1 find the answers .2 million members, endorsed the Sacramento Bee reports board members said they would again again next year, including measures would be:.

We approve double-digit premium increases for 2007Comments CalPERS president Rob Feckner said: While we approved premium increases for 2007, we are not going to stop press for significant, sustainable health care reforms at the local and national levels to be reduced. Trustees also said they were doctors and hospitals under cut cut pressure on costs that could lead to lower premiums January Emerson, a spokesman for the California Hospital Association, said: the public employee unions have to believe that is simply squeezing the suppliers not to come to solve the problem some point. It comes to the realization that to be the cost of the premium and copays up (Sacramento Bee.

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