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The general population believes Arab People in america should do more to fight terrorism, while nearly 75 % of Chaldeans and Arabs say they’re doing all they can. Just 36 %, compared with 53 % of the overall population, believe that U.S. Involvement in the centre East is adding to the region’s balance. In this landmark study of one of the oldest, largest & most noticeable Arab-American communities in the country, researchers interviewed 1,016 Chaldeans and Arabs and 508 users of the overall population in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.3. Currently, there are very few widely-accepted stem cell therapies. The range of diseases where stem cell remedies have been been shown to be helpful in responsibly conducted clinical trials is still extremely restricted . 4. Just because people state stem cells helped them doesn’t mean they do. Be wary of clinics that measure or advertise their results through patient testimonials primarily, which may by unrelated to the actual stem cell treatment, due to the placebo impact, accompanying treatments, and organic fluctuations of the disease or condition. 5. A large component of why it takes time to build up new therapies is that technology itself is a long and difficult process. If a treatment has not been designed, well studied and gone through the necessary preclinical and scientific testing, it is usually unlikely to have the desired effect.