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Seeds are real. But much of what humanity has up to now created is paper-thin and temporary. It can all vanish in the blink of a cosmic vision. We are fragile beings discovering a sea of this kind of greatness and scale our personal lives seem silly by comparison. What humans think about as a natural disaster is usually but a little expression of natural patterns to Mother Nature. If we hope to survive as a species truly, we would be smart to remember how insignificant we are really in the greater scope of things. And why we should learn to respect character and the universe instead of arrogantly thinking we have conquered it with GMOs, nuclear power and a supercollider. A source for preparednessFor those looking for trusted preparedness gear, Supply Source is available now ( We’ve just added the Surthrival Seed Can ( to the inventory there, featuring what is the most complete collection of open-pollinated seeds available anywhere unquestionably.The next edition of The Criteria Standard is scheduled for December 2010.

$1.4 million elevated to support community cancer care, research at Wilmot A lot more than 800 people and regional corporations demonstrated their support for the James P. Wilmot Cancer Middle at Saturday’s 10 th annual Discovery Ball. Proceeds from the function were raised through new sponsorships and pledge obligations on previous multi-year sponsorship commitments contributed $1.4 million which will be used for patient care programs and cancer research at the Wilmot Cancer Center.